Physiotherapists & MSK Sonographers

Welcome to Abacus Physiotherapy

A well established treatment centre with a large NHS, private and insurance clientele

Diagnostic ultrasound scanning available onsite

We are experts in dealing with acute injuries sporting or otherwise and also dealing with long-standing conditions

Welcome to Abacus Physiotherapy

Abacus Physiotherapy Ltd is a small local company that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries. The company is well-established with a large private, insurance and NHS clientele.

Abacus Physiotherapy began in 2009 and expanded in 2013 taking over the popular and reputable Louth Physiofirst centre. Under the new banner of Abacus Physiotherapy Ltd the centre now boasts an immensely knowledgeable team who have 40+ years of experience between them.

We believe Physiotherapy to be a joint effort between client and physio where exercise has its place but “hands on treatment” is still the norm!

We are unique in our field locally in being able to offer access to an MSK diagnostic ultrasound service for our private patients with duel qualified Physiotherapy/ Sonographers. When booking an appointment please discuss scanning options with the receptionist. More information can be accessed from the diagnostics section of the website, where you will be able to learn more about this service.

We believe that our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution in as few sessions as possible but we are also on hand to help you manage long term as necessary. Our friendly and professional team are only a phone call away from helping you with your problem.

Please see our conditions page for examples of problems we can help with or go directly to our treatment page for more information.


Further information


Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement including manual therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture, exercise, education and advice.


You will be fully involved in the decision process. Your physiotherapist will guide you in order to achieve the best outcome. We are experts in dealing with acute injuries, sporting or otherwise and also in dealing with chronic, long-standing conditions.


What should I expect during my initial consultation?

Your physiotherapist will take a full medical history, bringing a list of your current medications can be helpful.  Your physiotherapists will discuss your symptoms and how they relate to your usual activities as well as your rehabilitation goals.

Melvyn Shepherd

“I have a very old slate tiled roof which requires minor maintenance a few times a year. I originally called Liam to do some work on my roof,  I was happy with the work done and the price I was charged.

happy clients

From the reception staff to the physiotherapists themselves, they are all professional, knowledgeable and caring. This is a superb Physio Centre where the patients come first.

C Baxter - Louth
happy clients

“For me Louth Physiofirst Centre was my saviour, I am so thankful that I found them. I feel that my training toolbox is complete and they are my first stop if I ever have any problems to ensure I am in tip top form to compete”

Emma Bristow – MBE 8x FIM Women’s World Trials Champion
happy clients

“Having the scan and being told nothing was torn gave me the reassurance that I could use it more and with my physiotherapy I am now back at work”

Graham - Cleethorpes
happy clients

”You’ve transformed my golf, I haven’t played this well for 10 years!”

R. Brown – Covenham
happy clients

“Many thanks for the help abacus physiotherapy have given me since my knee replacement. I am now back playing golf, swimming and dancing”.

Ken - Grimsby